Mig Welding Torch Accessories Spare Parts Steel Liner

Teflon wire feeding pipe can transport welding wires smoothly,
so it is particularly suitable for transporting aluminum welding wires.
Coated steel liners: The most widely used in gas cooled welding guns for coaxial transmission of welding wires and cooling gases.

Mig Welding Torch Accessories Spare Parts Contact Tip

Spark contact tips can be supplied:
- with the traditional round hole.
- with the revolutionary new triangular hole patented by spark(patent pending)which alloys simultaneous contact on two points.
between the wire and the tip, improving performance and duration and reducing the risks of sticking.

Mig Welding Torch Accessories Spare Parts Gas Nozzle

1. It is made of copper material with stable performance.
2. It is convenient to replace damaged ones. Solid copper conductor path with fewer connections.
3. Optimized electrical surface contact.
4. The wire feeding capacity with central liner is optimized.
5. Fewer consumable parts need to be replaced - lower cost of ownership.
6. Material: copper

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