• MIG350 CO2 Welding Machine
  • MIG350 CO2 Welding Machine

MIG350 CO2 Welding Machine

Product origin:
Jinan ,China
Delivery time:
Normal 2 Weeks or Based on Order Quantity
Supply capacity:
10000 Pieces per Month
MIG350 CO2 Welding Machine

It has the functions of manual arc welding and gas shielded welding;
Adopt waveform control technology, improve molding and reduce splash;
The wire feeding speed is stable without electromagnetic noise;
High frequency inverter, small size, light weight, energy saving and power saving;
Digital display, welding parameters can be preset accurately;
It is suitable for underground 380v-660v or 660v-1140v power supply in mines and coal mines
It is mainly used in various welding positions of carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel and other ferrous materials;

Product modelMIG-350MIG-500
Input powerAC380V/660V±15%AC380V/660V±15%
Input powerAC660V/1140V±15%AC660V/1140V±15%
Rated input capacity14.4KVA25 KVA
Input current22A38A
Welding voltage regulation range17-31V17-39V
Welding current regulation range60-350A60-500A
Scope of application0.8-1.2mm1.0-1.6mm
Rated load duration60%60%
Full load efficiency89%89%
Wire feeding typePush wirePush wire
Enclosure protection classIP21SIP21S
Cooling mode of welding gunAir coolingAir cooling
Overall dimension595X306X530mm628X330X565mm
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