12-04 -2023
New Pushpull welding torch

New Pushpull welding torch

11-15 -2023
Classic CB150 Plasma torch

ERGOCUT CB torches have fully earned their place in the second generation of SPARK ERGOCUT torches: a range developed in collaboration with important Plasma Physics Institutes, with new performances, a new design and exceptionally compact dimensions.

10-16 -2023
High Definition Plasma Torch T-330B

It is an updated high definition plasma cutting torch especially for thick plate cutting. Dual water cooling channel design(for both electrode and nozzle),highly increase the heat dissipation efficency. With more stable arc,longer consumables working life and better cutting quality.

07-21 -2023

Our brother comany can assemble and supply kinds of hand held fiber laser machines .

05-10 -2023
New plasma cutting torch

we also keep innovation on None-high freqancy cutting torches. which we have seval patended designed torch head. we innovation new range of plasma cutter an consumable which bring new technoligy on HF cutting and None-HF plasma cutting.

04-18 -2023
Manual Metal Arc Welding (MMAW)

Manual Metal Arc Welding (MMAW) is one the earliest of the arc welding processes, but has remained popular despite the introduction of newer and more sophisticated processes. Indeed, this lack of sophistication is one of the major attractions of the process.

04-18 -2023
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Arc welding, like most welding processes, requires operators to protect themselves from the radiated heat and rays associated with the process. Perhaps the most efficient way of doing this is by the wearing of protective clothing. The use of all protective clothing is dictated by the nature of the work and the comfort of the operator.

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