3 PH CUT100 LGK100 IGBT Industrial Plasma CUTting Machine

Function & Features:
1. Apply high frequency inverter technology, feature optimized design, light effect and energy saving.
2. With automatic arc length and compensating function, stable electric arc, less splashing. Electric arc has high penetration force.
3. User-friendly, beautiful appearance, more convenient operation.
4. With excellent dynamic response, high load duration for long cutting operations.
5. The arc cutting current is gradually increased, reducing the arcing impact and reducing the cutting nozzle damage.
6. Non-contact high-frequency arc striking, high success rate of arc striking, low interference.
7. Accurate stepless adjustable cutting current for workpieces of different thicknesses.
8. Continuously and persistently weld workpiece, high efficiency with high current.
9. Three-proof design of key components, suitable for all kinds of harsh environments, stable and reliable operation.

3 PH CUT160 LGK160 IGBT Industrial Plasma CUTting Mach

Advanced IGBT inverter technology is adopted for accurate feedback control, and the current output is stable;
The current rising function reduces the arc striking impact and the consumption of cutting gun accessories;
Air pressure and water pressure sensors can effectively protect the cutting gun from accidental damage;
Inverter control power supply: small size, light weight, can be installed on the beam of NC cutting machine; High efficiency and low energy consumption, greatly reducing the use cost.
Machine type setting: arc success signal, arc voltage signal, two-way gas supply control, arc voltage output function; In particular, CNC and robot cutting are used.

3 PH CUT80 LGK80 IGBT Industrial Plasma CUTting Machine

High frequency arcing, easy arcing;
The cutting is neat, smooth and effective;
Self locking / non self locking cutting state;
It can be used with CNC system;
Advanced IGBT inverter technology is adopted for accurate feedback control, and the current output is stable;
The cutting current is adjustable from 20a to large output current, which can meet the requirements of different workpiece materials, thickness and cutting speed, and the incision is beautiful;
It can cut a variety of metal plates such as carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, copper and aluminum.

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